What Makes Us Different?



We don't just focus on the bells and whistles, we know that what's behind your wall matters.  Which is why we use quality materials to ensure that our buyers sleep well at night. 



It's simple, we don't cut corners. Building a custom home is completely different from building a cookie-cutter home. Each of our homes are UNIQUE, which means that we have the experience to identify those small little details that are usually overlooked by the Big Guys. 

Energy Efficiency

⁣Pricey electric bills are the WORST! Which is why all of our homes are HERS rated for energy efficiency. The average HERS rating for our homes ranges from 54-58 compared to the standard New Home rating of 100!⁣ Which means more money in your pocket.


Personal Service

We limit the number of homes we build in a given year in order to provide personal service to each of our home buyers. Both of our Company Owners, personally oversee each phase of the construction process for each Crown Heritage Home. 


Financial Stability

In our 20 years of business, we have established strong lines of credit with major vendors and banks.  Which is why, since we have opened our company, neither Crown Heritage Homes nor its Owners have EVER filed for BANKRUPTCY or operated under a different home building company name; setting us apart from many Home Builders.



Unlike most home builders, as a part of our Pricing Strategy, we ITEMIZE each upgrade and feature. This approach gives our customers the ability to identify upgrades that they would like to approve or decline, in order to help them reach their budgeted sales price.



We abstain from using flashy or over the marketing strategies in order to keep our overhead COSTS LOW and transfer more savings to our buyers.  A large portion of our business is from word of mouth and customers who refer us to close friends and family.  Our business strategy allows us to offer our clients standard high-end custom features, which are charged as upgrades by other builders.



It's no secret, building homes is not cheap!  Which is why it's important to work with a trustworthy and reputable builder who has been in the industry for quite some time. With over 20 Years of experience, our reputation and our Homes have withstood the test of time. We are a member of the El Paso Association of Builders, for which our Co-Owner, Lydia Mlouhi, serves as a Board Member. Lydia is also a licensed BROKER and REALTOR; which means that we are required to abide by a higher standard of ethics and moral duties.